Concrete Kitchen With Stone Edge, Slate Seamless Countertops

Concrete countertops are a relatively recent phenomenon in the kitchen. Concrete has been used for construction and building materials for more than a century, but only recently have countertops made their appearance. Concrete countertops can be found in some older homes – mainly houses built during the post-World War II era. Concrete countertops result from intense pressure and climate that force concrete into shapes that include elegant columns, square corners, and detailed moldings. The result is an inexpensive way to achieve a look best by granite or expensive ceramic tiles – without the high cost.

concrete countertops advantage

Concrete Countertops Tampa, most often used in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, are flat and level and feature a smooth, rounded, matte finish. Several flat countertops have several varieties, including scalloped, honed, textured, rough-hewn, and polished concrete. The first two are typically used for exterior applications because they require little maintenance. Still, the last two are ideal for indoor use because they do not chip or become unevenly pitted after installation.

One of the most distinctive and useful features of using concrete as a building material is the fact that it is impervious to water, stains, and many other forms of damage. Because concrete is largely inert, it will not change color when it is exposed to sunlight, air, or heat. This means concrete surfaces can be sealed without using any sealer whatsoever, which significantly extends the durability of the surface. In fact, sealed concrete will outlast most paints and other coatings. The most common application of concrete sealant is on countertops and shower walls, because this application makes the most use of its inherent strength.

The ability of concrete countertops to resist damage also contributes to their longevity. Because concrete countertops are almost impossible to break, chipping, cracking, or breaking of any kind, they can stand for decades in kitchens and bathrooms while they continue to provide beauty, style, and durability. The use of a stamped concrete edge form allows the countertop edge to be pressed into a nearly smooth, flat surface. The concrete countertop edge form is achieved by pouring a very thick, coarse layer of concrete, which provides a coarse texture that is both aesthetically appealing and offers superior strength to the countertop.

Once the concrete has been poured, it is then finished with a textured stone or slate pattern that is perfectly flat and flush with the rest of the countertop. These products have several advantages over other countertops, which are typically porous and rough. First, due to their flat and smooth surfaces, concrete countertops with a rock edge, slate stamped top… designs are virtually impervious to scratching, peeling, and staining. This also makes them easy to clean: simply wipe them down with a wet cloth or a paper towel each time they become dirty, and you will not even notice that they have been cleaned!

Another advantage is the rustic feel that you receive when using concrete as your top layer. As you know, the look and feel of stone are very desirable to many people. When you use concrete for your countertop, the stone or slate texture is imprinted directly on the countertop creating a rustic, natural, and classy look. This is something that only concrete can provide… combining the beauty of stone with the durability of concrete makes for a product that is ideal in kitchens and bathrooms where stain protection is essential but also needs to look like a natural material.

As you can see, there are several advantages to using concrete countertops with a rock edge, slate stamped top… and one disadvantage -it can be a little rough on the eyes, particularly for people who are used to fine, matte surfaces. However, it can also be made to be very smooth using a grinding process, which is basically sanding the countertop smooth using a machine. If you have questions about how we poured these concrete kitchen with a stone edge or want more information about this type of countertop, contact a contractor today. There are contractors who offer this type of service nationwide, and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.